Request a Custom

Stablemates/Minis/Paddock Pal: $50

Classic/Traditional: $100

Figured out what you want? Shoot me an email; send me details of what you're looking for and include any reference pictures if you have a specific pattern/look you're going for.



Although I do accept custom orders, the majority of the work represented here was sold through ebay.

The above rates are if you send me the model to customize. While I am willing to pick up the model to paint for you, it will cost you the paint job plus the cost of the horse. Detailing and specific patterns do not cost extra.

I will work with all model types (ie, resins, porcelains)

Rush jobs should be pre-prepped before sending, and overnight shipping charges will be included in the final cost.

Crystal Rowland at your service.


If you're wanting to know the hows and whytofores of my customizing, I use any and everything I get my hands on that will work. So far I've used straight acrylics, acrylics with pencil detailing, pastels...make-up(!), airbrushing, whatsever works.

Minor Remodeling

I carve out ears and nostrils. If hooves are raised, they get worked on too. I remove seams. I remove excessive plastic (several old stablemates come to mind). I add details that have vanished over the years. I do an occasional reposition - not too many though.

I am also willing to do minor additions for no extra charge. I'll attach horns to make unicorns, give them a bit of mane on their forelock, that sort of thing. Anything major such as completely re-doing manes and tails, adding wings, and that sort will cost extra.

$50 for redo-ing manes and tails or attaching wings

$50 + cost of wings if I have to buy them